Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence

Knowledge is Power (Edmond Rothschild).

The Objective

In today’s world information is the key to the success. But raw information will bring you nothing, and that is where Business Intelligence plays its role. SweetSoft can help you to turn your bulk data into structured entities which will help you to make decisions based on information analysis. We do that with custom report, OLAP backend, Data Mining-enabled forms which we adapt to your needs and turn into powerful tools for you.

The Client

Our client – large confectionary corporation producing wide range of products. The history of corporation begins more than 100 years ago. The company’s mission is to deliver the best products with excellent quality and price.

The Solution

Our team was selected Microsoft SQL Server as the basis of solution. The solution uses MS SQL Integration Services for ETL (Extract Transformation Load), MS SQL Server database for operational storage and Microsoft Analysis Services for analytical reporting.

Using cutting-edge Microsoft technologies allowed client to get solution in very short terms and with excellent flexibility without needs to additional trainings of final users.


The Benefits

Using the solution the client was able to:

  • Integrate all data from set of disconnected data bases in one storage
  • Receiving the corporation-wide analytical reports allowed to identify the directions of business process optimization
  • Increase speed and quality of analytical reports for top management to simplify decision makers work
  • Simplify data reporting for company analysts