SweetSoft is a privately held Software Development company that focused on providing its clients and partners with high-quality, value-added products that successfully present their businesses in the global market. Using proven methods of design, implementation, documentation, testing and most importantly, communication, SweetSoft is the company that truly understands the business of providing offshore software outsourcing. 

What we do

SweetSoft provides a range of outsourcing software development services including custom application development, business intelligence web development and integration services. We are flexible to offer solutions that meet your business needs: from IT support, to software development, testing, to turn-key solution development and business process outsourcing. We help you accelerate, simplify and enrich business processes to make your business more successful. During last ten years SweetSoft has built a solid reputation with lot of successful projects for different clients worldwide.

Our philosophy

  • Good planning is the way to deliver good result in predictable time
  • Think before implementing - it makes sense to think longer on good understanding project requirements and design, and only then start development.
  • No development just for development - we understands that good result in software development is not just lot of code, it is satisfaction of client needs.
  • Do everything using as less as possible code required for adequate fit to project requirements.
  • Identify any problems as soon as possible - as in development as in management, requirements, design etc. Using this we are able to identify issues when they appear, not after long testing.

Our Mission

Our main mission is to help our clients to improve achieve their strategic business goals by delivering innovative top-quality software solutions and services that meet core functionality requirements, on schedule and on budget. SweetSoft' mission is accomplished by:

  • Creative team spirit & Experienced and Qualified team
  • A well established development process
  • Effective communication
  • Using of adequate (not always last but most effective for the project) technologies

Our Team

In SweetSoft we believe that a good team is not just persons who work together, the true team is much stronger than the sum of its parts. True teamwork and true partnership assumes an intimate understanding and alignment of each other’s goals and requires each party to actively care for and trust the other. We always strive to treat our clients, investors and colleagues as partners.

SweetSoft team is 50+ and growing. SweetSoft is a team of experienced professionals in different directions of project management, software development and testing. Our expertise goes from Web development to ERP to Business Intelligence.

Our expertise

Our expertise goes from Desktop and Web (active web sites with use of Flash, Silverlight and SharePoint) development to Business Intelligence (analysis of Gigabytes worth of data which lets you make your decisions) and Complex Enterprise level solutions. We’ve done all of that  read more...