Leisure Planner for Android


Leisure Planner is mobile application (build for Google Android platform) that is intended to be used for searching of places for a rest (parks, restaurants etc.) in some radius, using current geographic coordinates, getting weather conditions in the place found, getting driving directions to the place, provide feedback about visited place using user profile or anonymously.

Module Overview

Application includes following modules:

  • User Profile
  • Leisure places search
  • Place Info – shows detailed information about cafe, restaurant, and any place on map
  • Driving Directions – shows direction of how to drive from current place to selected location
  • Feedback form – get user feedback about visited cafe, restaurant, ...
  • Raining form - track cafe and restaurant client raitings
  • Planner web service – service that provides places search results to the client application; gets weather conditions.


Planner web service

Application communicates with Planner web service. Planner web service provides following functions:

  • Makes search and returns places search results - service returns top 10 found results ordered by place name.
  • Gets weather conditions – service connects to weather provider to get weather conditions and temperature for 3 days long.
  • Processes customer feedback data – service saves user’s feedback data into db.